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Monday, May 11, 2009

In the aftermath of yesterday

Actually, this post has nothing to do with yesterday's horrific game. Yesterday's game made me embarrassed to watch as much of this team as I do. People are quick to forget mistakes due to the World Series last year, but Manuel's moves yesterday were sickening. So, I will try and avoid it all together.

I was listening to 610 today and Gargano has become the most recent person to evoke anger from me on this topic. They were discussing the "cheap shot" (it's not cheap since it's on a Boston player) of Scott Walker on Aaron Ward. Macnow asks Gargano's opinion to which The Cuz responds, "I could care less." I almost drove off the road. How many people say this phrase incorrectly? I truly believe it's everyone except a few select people I have influenced. If one says they could care less, then that means they do care some amount (if it is capable to care less). What everyone means to say is "I couldn't care less" as if to say he/she does not care at all. It's fairly simple and quite straightforward.

This bothers me on the same level that the "have your cake and eat it too" phrase irks Mr. Musser and the Unabomber. Musser posted on this a while back. I sure hope posting this does not come back to haunt me in the distant future.


Anonymous said...

I could care less about this post.

Scott Graham said...

I'm glad you agree