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Monday, May 25, 2009

Game 43: Manuel reminds us why this site exists (24-19)

Well, Charlie Manuel was absolutely terrible tonight. First, he stacked 3 lefties in a row at the top of the order (this did not come back to haunt the Phillies because the Marlins chose not to use a lefty reliever to pitch to all 3). Second, he let Chan Ho Park pitch in the 7th inning of a 1-run game against the top of the lineup (Park allowed the Marlins to score their insurance run in this inning). Finally, and by far most importantly, he allowed Shane Victorino to attempt to steal second base in the 9th inning WITH THE TYING RUN AT THE PLATE.

The only conceivable reason the Phillies would want Victorino to steal a base in that situation is to try to stay out of a double play (Matt Stairs was at the plate, and Carlos Ruiz was on deck: both slow runners). Matt Lindstrom was on the mound, however, and his 99 mph fastball is not very helpful to base-stealers. Victorino was the only baserunner and the Phils were down by 2, which means his run means nothing. Lindstrom threw one of his high-velocity fastballs, catcher Ronny Paulino made a decent throw, and Victorino was easily thrown out. Instead of Matt Stairs swinging away at that first-pitch fastball to tie the game, he stood there and watched the only baserunner essentially run the Phillies out of the game.

It's garbage that Victorino thought it was an appropriate time to steal a base; however, Charlie Manuel's postgame comments infuriate me 500 times more than Victorino's decision. Manuel was asked about Victorino's decision after the game, and he labeled it as a "mistake" while noting that Victorino should have known it was not time to run. Pretty sensible, EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT HE IS THE MANAGER OF SHANE VICTORINO. It takes about 4 seconds for Manuel to get off his rear-end in the dugout and send a "hold" sign to the third-base coach. The coach then relays that sign to Victorino, and then Victorino "holds." Stairs then homers, naturally. Manuel didn't say Victorino missed a sign; therefore, BOTH Victorino and Manuel are to be blamed. Who should be blamed more? THE MANAGER, for failing to recognize the situation.

If it's not time to run, Charlie, TELL YOUR PLAYERS THAT. And if you don't, then there's absolutely no way you should blame them in your post-game conference. Bad, bad, bad stuff from the manager today, but the media will tell you the Phils had sluggish bats and poor baserunning while completely ignoring the root of the problem.

RHP Joe Blanton faces LHP Andrew Miller at 7:05 pm tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

maybe they were banking on fielders indifference?? haha but yes a complete joke of a decision by all parties involved