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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Game 42: Lidge blows another one but Phils win (24-18)

Brad Lidge blew yet another save this afternoon, except this time, he did not lose the game after blowing it. Clay Condrey picked up the win after pitching the 10th and 11th innings.

I don't really have a problem with using Lidge to start the inning, but the first five batters he faced were either lefties or switch hitters. Ryan Madson, with his devastating changeup, is probably a better option than Lidge to face lefties. However, Madson pitched the 8th inning and he has now worked in three straight games.

Ryan Madson is definitely able to become a closer with his high velocity and diving change. At this point, Manuel should choose between Madson and Lidge based ONLY on how many lefties are coming up. If its the 8th inning, and all the batters are righties, I would let Lidge pitch the 8th and allow Madson to pitch the 9th. Manuel must think outside the box now that he knows the other team can score after the 8th inning, but I doubt he will.

In addition, where was Chase Utley today? I know CC Sabathia kills lefties, but Utley is better than Howard against lefties, and Utley has played first base before. It seriously aggravates me when I see Utley sit out when a lefty is on the mound. His replacement at second base is ALWAYS Eric Bruntlett, who can play third base as well. Therefore, Manuel trusts Pedro Feliz against left-handed pitching more than Chase Utley. Insane.

The Phils play the Marlins tomorrow at 7:05 pm as LHP Jamie Moyer faces RHP Chris Volstad. Ryan Madson will probably be unavailable (because he pitched 3 straight days), and that drives me absolutely insane: he appeared in a 4-run game on Friday night for no reason. Hopefully he won't be needed, but you never know with Moyer.


Scott Graham said...

Little known fact that should be more widely known. Chase Utley's OBP against LHP is better than it is against RHP. I'm sure that does not include the LOOGYs.

I am now 6-0 in games that I have attended in 2009. Does this mean the Phils will win tomorrow because I will be in the stands? I wouldn't bet on it.

Henry Rowengartner said...

Anybody notice Damon trying to rip the ball out of Ruiz's glove at the play at home? Alex "I don't know where the on-deck circle is" Rodriguez must have taught him that move.

What does Eric Bruntlett offer this team? I can't stand seeing him out there.

I will NEVER understand a major league player not being able to lay down a bunt when needed. Texieria cost his team the game because he grounded into a double play like a moron. Guy on 2nd nobody out is almost a guaranteed run. Thank god for that play.

Anonymous said...

I think Lidge is going to be fine.
Thanks God we have options like Madson.
Plus Romero is due to come back shortly.
Keep up th egood worj Andy and Scott

Scott Graham said...

Henry, the run expectancy with runners on 1st and 2nd and 0 out is higher than with runners on 2nd and 3rd and 1 out. Considering Teixeira is one of the best hitters in MLB, it's probably more effective if he swings away like he did. The chances of him grounding into a double play are small. You have to like the chances of him either getting a hit, or making an out worst case scenario over grounding into a double play.

Scott Graham said...

I just realized the RE doesn't matter since they only needed one run, but I think statistically he should swing away. But true, if he gets it down they probably win