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Friday, May 22, 2009

Game 39: Phils slug their way to victory (22-17)

I thought I posted this yesterday, but apparently not.

Not much to talk about. 3 consecutive lefties again, which kind of played into Dusty Baker's hand when he brought in the lefty reliever. He left a braking ball in a good spot for Howard though, and he made him pay. Dobbs started against a RHP that doesn't fair well against LHB, but it was probably only because it was a day game. Blanton looked alright for a while, but fell apart.

It will be interesting to see how Manuel handles the roster heading up into NY where the DH will be in play, and two left-handed starters (Pettitte and Sabathia) due for the Yanks. I would expect to see Matt Stairs DH for game one. He's a much better hitter than Dobbs.

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