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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Game 37: Phils continue winning ways (21-16)

The starting lineup could have used some changes in my opinion. Charlie Manuel CANNOT keep 3 lefties in a row. If you want Ibanez up higher in the lineup, put him 5th and put Werth 3rd. Questionable start of Pedro Feliz vs a dominant RHP in Johnny Cueto. However, Feliz managed to do alright at bat and made a few key plays in the field.

Clay Condrey pitched the 7th. I probably would have gone with Chad Durbin, but it was the bottom of the lineup. The three straight lefties (Utley, Ibanez, and Howard) played right into the Reds hands in the 8th inning. Arthur Rhodes was brought in and had no real trouble getting out of the inning. Having these three in a row is a great strategy against a team like the Padres that have (had?) 0 left handers in the bullpen. This problem has come up quite a few times in this young season, and as you can tell, I really don't care for this situation.

Lidge managed to save his third consecutive game as the Phils won their 5th straight.

Some exciting news from the Phillies. Chan Ho Park has been moved to the bullpen. This should have been his original home upon ariving in Philadelphia as that is why he was signed. Yet, the Phils wasted over a month finding out that he could not really handle being their 5th starter. J.A. Happ will make his first start of the season against the Yankees on Saturday. I wish him the best as he's probably being tossed to the sharks.


Henry Rowengartner said...

That didn't stop Wheeler from spending a significant portion of the bottom of the 2nd defending the decision to put Chan Ho in the 5th spot because he pitched so much better than Happ in spring training.

He'll do anything to avoid agreeing with the fans.

Scott Graham said...

I know, I thought I was the only one who heard that. He was quite adamant about how much Park outperformed Happ in Spring Training. It's Spring Training Wheels, he's pitching against trash.

For the record, I'm not saying J.A. Happ is going to be the savior, but the offseason acquisition was to put Park in the bullpen. Happ could struggle. Just seems to be a better all around fit this way.