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Friday, May 15, 2009

Game 33: Phils win series opener after nearly blowing it in the 9th (17-16)

Manuel managed well tonight. He used Eyre for 2 outs in the 7th, and went to Madson for 4 outs. Pretty much the move Mr. Musser and I beg for constantly. Lidge blowing the game isn't Manuel's fault. Zimmerman got lucky with the slow chopper.

The manager also must do everything possible to win this close game which makes using Happ instead of leaving him in the assigned slot the right move. The Phillies really lucked out in the 12th with the defense playing up when Ibanez hit the ball very close to where a SS would play in DP positioning. Either way, the Phils win in extras.

Tomorrow is a day/night doubleheader.
Game 1: RHP Brett Myers vs LHP Scott Olsen
Game 2: ? vs RHP Daniel Cabrera

Let's just hope Kyle Kendrick isn't getting the call up.

Note: I'm convinced that Ruiz tagged Nick Johnson on the buttocks prior to his "touching" the plate. I also think he missed the plate all together, but I'm less adamant about that.

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