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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Game 32: Phils waste a good start by Hamels (16-16)

The media will tell you that the Phillies did not have enough offense to win this afternoon's game. This is true; however, part of the reason is because, once again, Pedro Feliz started at third base against a RHP who dominates right-handed batting.

Chad Billingsley, today's starter for the Dodgers, shuts down RHB to the tune of a .293 OBP. Lefties, however, are different story: they own a .376 OBP against Billingsley.

You would think that Manuel would choose a day like today to give Feliz a break (or maybe even Werth as well), but for the 540th time this season, Greg Dobbs rode the bench against a starter who struggles against left-handed batting. Of course, in the ninth inning when the Phils were facing the Dodgers' right-handed closer, Manuel decided to pinch-hit Dobbs for Feliz. Dobbs walked and later scored to tie the game.

If Dobbs is better than Feliz in the 9th inning, why isn't he better in the 1st through 8th? Trick question: he is better. Maybe the Phils would've had more than 3 runs after the 9th inning if Dobbs played the whole game. But, Feliz went 0 for 3, and the Phils are back to .500 for the season.

The Phils go down to Washington for a weekend series, which starts tomorrow at 7:05 pm. RHP Joe Blanton faces LHP John Lannan.

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