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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Game 30: Phils win series opener (16-14)

Not much tonight on the part of Charlie Manuel. Weird lineup changes. Victorino isn't a good leadoff man, but he's doing better than Rollins right now. Ibanez is still batting 6th. The goal should be to move him up. Manuel split up the lefties well though.

Weird use of Scott Eyre in the 7th. 2 outs with a PH up and no one on. Could have left Durbin in. Whatever. Once Eyre was in, he could have been left in to pitch to Pierre in the 8th. Whatever. I would have seriously considered pinch hitting Stairs for Feliz with the bases loaded. Whatever.

Werth stole 4 bases tonight including home. Breakout season? Cheer no Manny.


Anonymous said...


A. Dwayne
B. Boner
C. Waldo Geraldo Faldo

Anonymous said...

D. Cockroach

Andy Musser said...


Andy Musser said...

...because you can throw a basketball off his head and it will bounce directly back to you.

Scott Graham said...