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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Game 29: Manuel does almost nothing right (15-14)

Pregame: Manuel decides to sit Werth with an off day tomorrow. This is not the worst decision of the game: Stairs is good and the opposing Kawakami is a RHP. While the mere insertion of Stairs isn't bad, the lineup that Manuel used was awful. 4 LHB in a row. Utley, Howard, Ibanez, and Stairs. It's just an awful decision knowing that the Braves can bring in a lefty reliever to sit down this part of the order. At least mix up some of the lefties with either Rollins or Victorino. There are definitely several ways to do it, and I wouldn't really care as long as it got done. Maybe put Victorino or Rollins 5th between Howard and Ibanez?

7th inning: Kelly Johnson, Yunel Escobar, and Chipper Jones due up. Phillies took the lead in the bottom of the 6th. Manuel elects to bring in Jack Taschner. This might be the most insane move in the history of moves. Neither Durbin nor Madson have pitched in 2 days, and the Phils have a 1 run lead. Why not plan to go Durbin, Madson, Lidge? I don't understand. Whatever the reason, it is absolutely inexcusable to bring in the worst reliever on the team while 2-3 perfectly good options sit in the pen. Taschner faced three righties in a row (Infante pinch hit for Johnson, which Manuel should have foreseen). Obviously, I'd rather have Durbin or Madson face left-right-left than Taschner face anyone. Instead, Taschner gives up the lead, AND THEN Manuel decides to bring in Durbin. This makes 0 sense.

8th inning: Bobby Cox makes Manuel looks like someone with an IQ below 80. Cox uses his "closer" Gonzalez to pitch to 3 lefties (Howard, Ibanez, and Stairs). How did he not see this coming pregame? It's a disaster waiting to happen. Not only did this happen, but I'm thinking I'd see Werth make a pinch hit appearance for Ibanez so that either Werth sees a lefty or Stairs sees a righty. Ibanez came up, no Werth. Ibanez gets out. Stairs comes up, still no Werth. Stairs walks. How can Werth, arguably the Phillies most dangerous hitter vs. lefties (Utley is close), not appear in the 8th inning when the Braves' best lefty is on the mound?

9th inning: 8, 9, and 1 due up. Manuel uses Cairo (the Phils worst PH option off the bench) to hit for Ruiz. Why not Coste? If you tie the game up, Coste must come in anyway to catch. You're just wasting a player. Werth PHs for Lidge after a single by Cairo, and strikes out. Good thing Manuel didn't enable him to be used optimally vs. a LHP.

A manager's job is to put his team in the best position to win possible. Manuel failed to do that today, and I feel it's safe to say he single-handedly cost the Phillies the game.


Anonymous said...

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Henry Rowengartner said...

I think you should keep track how many games MLB has cost us with the joke of a Romero suspension.

Sunday's at least one.

Scott Graham said...

I do agree that Romero's suspension is a joke. However, if you're suggesting that bringing in Romero rather than Taschner would have ensured a win, then I might have to disagree. Romero would have faced RLR.

I'm assuming you didn't read this site last season when Romero's facing RHB was a frequent topic. He should never be allowed to face righties. He should strictly be used as a LOOGY. While he's better than Taschner, his numbers vs RHB are scary.

Although now that I looked it up, you could have been suggesting the use of Romero in the 8th. If Madson pitched the 7th and retired Johnson, Escobar, and Jones in order, then Romero would have been due to face Anderson, McCann, and Kotchman (all lefties). I'm sure there would have been a PH in there.

MLB stinks though, I do agree. I'm leaving the 2nd little paragraph in here to serve as a precursor to the return of Jansas City as proof that I'm saying that he should not be allowed to face righties.