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Friday, May 8, 2009

Game 27: Phils win behind 3 home runs, Lidge pitches unnecessarily (15-12)

Three impressive home runs tonight by Werth, Coste, and Utley. Hamels looked great. Pretty much all good things. Taschner and Condrey pitching up by 6 runs is OK with me. What is really confusing and frustrating is Lidge pitching in the 9th inning up by 7 runs.

If you have paid any attention to Lidge's appearances since coming to the Phils in 2008, you will have noticed that he doesn't pitch well in games that aren't close. It could be a coincidence, but it doesn't seem like it to me. It makes sense. He's not as fired up as he is when he knows the game is on his shoulders. However, Manuel decided Lidge "needed to get some work in tonight", and used him to pitch the 9th against multiple lefties. He hasn't been himself this year, and with his track record why risk him losing any more confidence than he may have already lost this season. He gave up three runs before recording an out, and then promptly ended the game. My question: Why not use him Wednesday or Thursday night when the Phillies were down by 1 and 2 runs respectively late in the game? It's mind boggling considering his track record with the Phillies in "noncrucial" appearances. Hopefully this won't affect his performance should he need to be used tomorrow and/or Sunday.

P.S. I hate when Coste throws to first base after strikeouts.

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