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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Game 25: Feliz throws ball into New Jersey, Phils lose (14-11)

Well, there's nothing much to say after that game. Chan Ho Park pitches the best game any Phillies starter has thrown this season, and it all goes down the tubes because the Phillies' defense and offense were positively awful.

The Phils nearly tied the game in the 8th inning, but since Charlie Manuel absolutely refuses to put Jayson Werth between Chase Utley and Ryan Howard in the lineup, the Mets were able to pitch LHP Pedro Feliciano against both Utley and Howard without facing Werth. Utley and Howard made the final two outs of the inning, and the Phils went down quietly in the 9th.

Phils go for the split tomorrow night at 7:10, LHP Jamie Moyer vs. RHP Mike Pelfrey.


Scott Graham said...

It's like i told you earlier. The Mets were attempting to throw the game. While they intended to lose the battle (turns out they didn't have to tally a loss), they would win the war. Make Chan Ho Park look like an ace, and he remains in the rotation all year. This way, once he left the game, they could start trying and the Phils decided to help them.

Anonymous said...

Feliz also was unable to get Ibanez over to third after the leadoff double and Werth decided to swing at Ball 3 in the 9th against Rodriguez. Just a horrible performance by those two.

Also, how long until people start complaining about Citi Field being too much of a pitcher's park? People love to complain about Citizens Bank being a "bandbox" because it is unfair to the pitchers but there is absolutely no difference between a park that is unfair to pitchers and one that is unfair to hitters.

Somehow I don't think there will be as many complaints.