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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Game 24: Despite lineup, Phils win (14-10)

As Mr. Musser pointed out, Charlie Manuel certainly mistimed a day off for Chase Utley. If the option was that Utley play either of the following 2 games (prior to today's), then Manuel benched him vs a RHP and chose to start him against arguably the best LHP in Major League Baseball. Utley wanted to play, and he'd most likely do better vs a non-Santana right hander than a Johan Santana left hander anyday. This is pretty much first-grade logic. Nonetheless, the Phils managed to win tonight behind 4 RBIs from Jayson Werth. Most of the team had a good night at the plate tonight (Victorino 4-5, Rollins 2-5, etc.).

Good use of Scott Eyre to get out of the 6th inning. Eyre was brought in with lefties Skip Schumaker and Joe Thurston due up. LaRussa pinch hit for Schumaker, and the Cards scored 1 run. Good idea to use Clay Condrey up 4 runs in the 7th, but that idea backfired, and Ryan Madson was brought in. He pitched through the 8th and has now pitched in 3 games in 4 days. He probably won't be able to go tomorrow vs the Mets. Good thing he pitched in an out of reach game last night. Look at it this way. He probably won't be needed tomorrow with Chan Ho Park facing Johan Santana. On the upside, Park could be making his way to a bullpen near you sometime soon.

Lidge was brought in up by 4 runs and Pujols crushed a ball off of him. Let's just hope that doesn't slide him into another POO-holes (not "puh-huls" as the Phils' announcers call him) induced funk.

Phils in first place having played 3 fewer games than Florida.

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