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Monday, May 4, 2009

Game 23: Another grand slam for Howard; Madson pitches in blowout (13-10)

The Phillies, namely Ryan Howard, continue to play well in St. Louis. They won the opening game of a 2-game series tonight, 6-1, thanks to a two-run homer by Jayson Werth and yet another Ryan Howard grand slam.

The only questionable move by Manuel tonight came when he used Ryan Madson in a 5-run game against the bottom of the Cardinals lineup. Madson has now pitched in two of the last three days, and if he is needed the next two games (which may be the case, considering Chan Ho Park's scheduled start coming on Wednesday), fatigue will be a factor. When a team is winning by 5 runs in the bottom of the 8th inning on the road, they have a 98.4% chance at victory. Manuel felt that this threat was too big to use Clay Condrey (even though he regularly pitches in tie games), and now Madson will have pitched three times in four days if he is needed in a close game tomorrow. Unacceptable.

8:15 pm start time tomorrow: RHP Brett Myers vs. RHP Adam Wainwright.

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