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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stairs or Jenkins? Ruben likes the answer

Recently, the Phillies released Geoff Jenkins. The main reason why they released him is because he was a relatively unproductive bench player. In addition, he is lefthanded, and the Phillies already had a surplus of lefties on the bench (Dobbs, Stairs). His replacement on the bench is righthanded Miguel Cairo. Fantastic. However, some people believe that Jenkins should have stayed on the roster while Matt Stairs should have been the one who was released. This is simply false.

The Phillies had an abundance of lefties. If their goal was to find a competent righty to replace one of their old, one-dimensional left-handed bench batters, then they had to release either Jenkins or Stairs. Thankfully, they chose to release Jenkins.

Last year, Jenkins produced a .301 OBP and a .392 SLG. That's pretty awful. Stairs was considerably better with his .341/.409, and the fact that he produced a .358/.549 in 2007 (compared to Jenkins' .319/.471) shows that Stairs has much more value as a bench player than Jenkins.

The decision was simple, and the choice was correct. Well done, Mr. Amaro.

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