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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sixers try to force Game 7

The Sixers lost to the Magic in a pivotal Game 5 on Tuesday night in Orlando. Part of the reason why is because Dwight Howard was not ejected when he elbowed Samuel Dalembert in the back of the head early in the first quarter. Howard has been suspended for Game 6, which certainly helps the Sixers' chances of sending the series back to Orlando for a Game 7.

Personally, I think the Sixers have played awful basketball in this series. The only game they truly deserved to win was Game 3, and they still needed a broken play and a Thaddeus Young layup with 2 seconds left to win. Nevertheless, they could easily be up 3-2 if the Turk didn't hit the 3 at the end of Game 4.

If you told me before the series that the Sixers would be playing a Dwight Howard-less team to force a game 7, I first would have asked how you travel through time, then I would have been happy that the Sixers would be playing a Dwight Howard-less team to force a game 7.

It's too bad the refs in Game 5 didn't do their jobs. If they properly ejected Howard, the Sixers would have a very good chance at leading the series 3-2 as you read this, with a chance to wrap up the series at home.

In other news, Stan Van Gundy's wardrobe has shrunk by yet another size.

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