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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sixers ripped off AGAIN because the refs are too lazy to look at a monitor

---The Sixers are in overtime right now because of a three-ball from the Cavs that tied the game with 0.6 seconds remaining in regulation. However, the above picture shows the ball clearly through the hoop (look at the net). Now, look at the time on the picture: 1.6 seconds.
---Is there any explanation for this? Yes: the refs did not even bother to look at the replay on the monitor EVEN THOUGH the Sixers called timeout, giving the refs plenty of time to review the play.
---What makes this situation even more appalling is the fact that the refs did not hesitate to put an extra 0.6 seconds (from 8.8 to 9.4) when the Cavs missed a shot on their previous possession. The Sixers missed their desperation shot with 0.6 seconds left. It's too bad the refs decided to steal 62.5 percent of the Sixers' possession away from them (1.0/1.6); however, it's even worse nobody thought to review it on the monitor during the timeout.
---All 12 of you readers should remember when this same thing happened earlier this year, when the Sixers lost a significant chunk of time on their final possession in a loss against the Celtics.
---Oh, the Sixers just won. The refs are still lazy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1.6 = 1 dribble/or proper square-up + shot
.6 = catch + shot
.3 = tip in

If there's any consolation, at least we have a coach who calls timeouts to set up offensive sets with the game on the line.

-Steve Mix