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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Random thoughts

1. This will bother me all year until something happens to change it. It's great that Manuel realizes that the 3 lefties (Utley, Howard, and Ibanez) need to be split up by a righty (Werth). However, as I have pointed out multiple times, Ryan Howard knocked in the 2 spot (Victorino for the most part) more than any other Phillie last year. Now, Chase Utley gets on base much more than Victorino, and the only logical conclusion that can be drawn from this 2008 sample-size is that the 3 hole doesn't advance far enough around the bases by the time Howard comes to the plate. As a result, make the 2-5 spots Utley, Werth, Howard, Ibanez. This serves multiple purposes. The first is that the 3 lefties are still broken up. The second is that Utley will be knocked in ALOT by Ryan Howard. The third is that the Phillies top 3 hitters will be in the top 5 (currently Ibanez is batting 6th) and the top 5 hitters will actually be the first 5 (Victorino, I'm sorry, but you're 6th).

2. I listened to 610 both to and fro the Phils afternoon game this past Wednesday. Since it was the Ring Ceremony Day, both sets of hosts (Gargano and Macknow and Eskin) were talking about the day's events. The Cuz and the Prof both were giving it to Eaton for even showing up at the ceremony. As if this were not enough, Eskin said he was rightfully booed. He also questioned why Blanton got such a huge ovation. Eaton first. I am not an Eaton proponent. I will not cheer for this man. However, bashing him for performing badly while under a lucrative contract is TERRIBLE reasoning. If anyone of you 4 people reading this post (yes we've gained readership since my last count) were offered..... 2 million dollars to play baseball for the Phillies, would you not take it? Obviously you would perform poorly (probably 1/5 of the ability of Eaton... trying to even out the cost/output).

Should you be booed because you can't compete at the level of pay? NO. The people to be blame/booed should be the front office for paying the fool. Burrell went through the same thing, "He's making sooo much money, and he's only hitting .250". Eaton wasn't a good pitcher before he got here. HE HAD ONE SEASON OF OVER 100 ERA+!!!! He never had an ERA of under 4. He was in PETCO for a couple of years. He stunk, the Phils gave him a ton of money, and he continued to stink. Leave him alone.

As for Eskin, the jerk, maybe people cheered for Blanton because he didn't "lose a game" after coming to the Phillies. He also pitched tremendously in the playoffs. If the Phils don't win game 4 in Milwaukee, they come back home to face Sabathia. You can only get so lucky. He also won a game in the World Series. Howard's reasoning? "He hit a homerun so people cheered for him. It was in the playoffs, maybe the World Series". If you don't remember when he hit the home run you shouldn't be allowed to work for a Philly sportstalk radio station (neither should Sue Schilling or Steve Trevelise, but that's another topic). "Howard, I forbid you to talk about the Phillies" - Mr. Mr. Musser.

3. Jayson Werth was 4 for 4 today with 2 2Bs and a HR. Cheer that.

4. Howard Eskin is a jerk.


Andy Musser said...

[Note: I decided to add some Flyers colors to this site. I've never seen a blue duck before. I've always wanted to see a blue duck.
Now, I like the Phillies colors in combination with Flyers colors. Billy Madison was a smart first-grader.]

Also, argument #1 by Mr. Graham is flawless, as is argument 2. I cheered 3, and 4 is accurate.

Anonymous said...

People who perform badly deserve to be booed, regardless of ability or past performance. For example, take A.C. Slater on the Bayside radio station. He was awful and they booed him in a terrible newspaper review. Would it be fair to Zach and the gang to be blamed for keeping him on the staff? Perhaps, but it all goes back to the individual. Slater and Eaton could have taken themselves out of their respective roles by quiting or faking an injury (that would be Eaton of course). But no, he went out, start after start, knowing he would perform badly and he didn't give a shit.

That is certainly worthy of a few boos.

Scott Graham said...

Yes, poor performance should be booed. However, the reason for the booing should be the poor performance, not the size of the contract. People at the ring ceremony cheered LOUDLY for Kyle Kendrick. If your boos are derived from performance, then Kendrick should have been booed just as loudly as their numbers last year were eerily similar. Yet, Eaton was booed loudly while Kendrick was cheered loudly. Only way that happens is based on salary.

Also, a pitcher would be shunned by MLB if he were to "take himself out" of a game. Something along the lines of "no fire, no desire". The Phillies could have cut him, and ate the money. They could have sent him to the minors (BRETT MYERS?), but they didn't. The Phillies are just as responsible as Eaton is.

Again, I'm not a fan. Just an equal opportunity booer seeking justice

Anonymous said...

Eaton did not cooperate after being sent down. This attitude changes my opinion of him.

We also live in a capitalistic society. No one wants a slice of pie, EVERYONE wants a boat full of pies. Eaton has some of those pies, and people want it back.
Furthermore, no one named "the Phillies front office" received a ring, so he got the boo's for that.

Kendrick has not made any issues about being sent down (thus far to my knowledge.) He also, with the help of God's will, propelled the Phils to the playoffs in 07 with two pitches.

Cheer Jason Werth, boo anyone who injurs themselves openning dvds.

-Steve Mix

Anonymous said...

***however I did not watch it live, and did not see the reaction.

Andy Musser said...

I like where this argument is going, because there are pros and cons to each side.

Some people would have booed Eaton, other would have stopped when he threw up his arms acknowledging the boos, and the rest would keep booing.

Scott Graham said...

Steve Mix, are you the first anonymous guy also? You support boos of Eaton and not Kendrick because Eaton put up a struggle? I guess that's legitimate. My emotions usually go with how the athlete performs. I don't really care about off the field stuff as long as it's not to the detriment of the team (and even sometimes then, i.e. T.O., Manny, etc). For example, I don't see Moyer having another good year, so I would not have re-signed him although he had a solid year last year. I would try to hire him as a pitching coach/consultant. I don't think he's going to perform well this year, and I will end up booing him if he hurts this team (although I don't want to).

Scott Graham said...

Oh, and I forgot. I don't know how Musser feels, but for you frequent commenters, I would ask you to make a google ID (open ID or w.e) so we know who we're talking to. It also helps in a string of comments in a conversation like this

Anonymous said...

George Feeny left the first comment and I agree with you completely.
Boo him for the performance and the front office for the economic decisions.

George Feeny

Anonymous said...

I agree that Moyer will die on the mound for worse or better, preferablly better.

But booing character a guy like Moyer is a bit extreme.

Boo Trevelise and sue schilling.

-Steve Mix

PS I will look into joining your interweb google community