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Saturday, April 18, 2009

NHL has double standards

I'm going to avoid talking about the game last night except for yet ANOTHER dive. Knuble hardly extends his hands on the Penguins defenseman (if anyone knows who the defenseman was please let me know) and miraculously knocked him down. The Penguin upon hitting the ice immediately spins his head around looking for a call.

Now to the real reason for this post. Dan Carcillo was suspended for last night's game due to a punch to the head of Maxime Talbot on a faceoff. He was not penalized in the game for this hit, but the suspension was given after the game. In the Flames/Blackhawks game on Thursday night, an identical incident occurred with Mike Cammalleri (a winger) for the Flames. Upon dropping of the puck, Cammalleri came across, swung, and connected with the Blackhawks' face. No suspension was given. Here is a link to a discussion of panelists debating the difference in circumstances and outcomes. This video also shows the two different hits various times.

What this whole thing boils down to is that Dan Carcillo has a history of being a dirty player while Mike Cammalleri does not. This is inexcusable. The NHL is basically giving carte blanche to some players based on their prior experiences to do as they please. Both hits by Carcillo and Cammalleri were obviously intentional. If Carcillo gets suspended, so should Cammalleri. This incident is akin to letting Penguins players dive (Crosby, Staal, etc.) and giving penalties to the Flyers because they're known to be "dirty" players. What a joke. Maybe the series would be tied 1-1 right now had the Penguins not gotten away with a dive in overtime.

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Scott Graham said...

Cheer Ray Ferraro in this segment. I strongly agree with that man