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Monday, April 6, 2009

Joe Morgan Praise?

I know, it took me by surprise too. My extreme dislike for Joe Morgan's commentating is the reason why I "forgot" for a whole day to post about this. However, since I am fair, I have decided to inform you all of the most intelligent baseball commentary I have ever heard ESPN deliver. Late in the game last night, I think when they showed both Mike Gonzalez and Peter Moylan warming up in the bullpen, the conversation in the booth turned to "who exactly is the Braves closer." While Bobby Cox has officially named Gonzalez the closer, Moylan could also be used. Immediately following this comment, Morgan states "I was speaking to Cox today, and he said that Gonzalez is their closer, but if it comes to the point where Utley, Howard, and Ibanez are due up in the 8th, Gonzalez will go in then." Morgan goes on to say something along the lines of "this is incredibly intelligent as one would expect from Bobby Cox. Sometimes the 'save' actually does come in the 8th inning."

Upon hearing this, my jaw hit the floor. Morgan has finally given some intelligent insight to the national audience. While Mr. Musser and I have been saying this (officially anyway) since the middle of the summer last year, I have yet to hear a "baseball man" utter these words. Who cares about the stat? No one should. Morgan acknowledged that with the 3 most dangerous hitters in a team's lineup due up in the 8th, it is of utmost importance to use your best option then. If he has enough left in the tank, he can go the 9th. If not, a manager can use his next best pitcher to retire anyone other than the 3 best hitters. Makes perfect sense. Who knows if the winning team will have the lead when it comes time for the closer to "get his save". Best option? Use your best pitcher to retire the opponents best hitters. It seems too easy.

Hat-tip to Joe Morgan.


Anonymous said...

Contrast this to former Mets scum Steve Phillips who, as if he was the Rock himself, said during yesterday's Mets-Reds game that the closer needs to pitch in the 9th so he "knows his role"

Andy Musser said...

+ 1 for whomever wrote the above anonymous comment

Anonymous said...

Steve Phillips needs to learn his role and shut his mouth.