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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Game 8: Manuel is back (4-4)

Tonight is the first night of the year that I have legitimate concern's with Charlie's decision making. In the top of the 7th, Manuel burned the Phils' "best pinch hitter", Greg Dobbs. He let Dobbs get announced, and then when Manny Acta called upon a lefty reliever, Manuel used Eric Bruntlett to face him. Manuel is notories for burning his bench, and in a 1 run game, there is a good chance that it could go to extra innings, or perhaps, come down to the 9th inning when Dobbs could be a valuable batter.

However, due to later managerial gaffs by Manuel this would all become moot. In the bottom of the 7th, Manuel brought in Chad Durbin. Yes, he had a good year last year, but in a one run game following two days off, Madson could have been used. Durbin isn't a horrible decision, but he did give up a home run. My big problem with Manuel came in the 8th inning when he left Taschner in to face righties. Taschner is bad against lefties (.345 OBP) and slightly worse (.348) against righties. I don't consider being down by 2 a good enough deficit to throw up the white flag. Why not use J.A. Happ (if he needs to use a lefty) who he later brought in to get out of trouble.

I'm not a huge fan of lefty relievers being brought in to face right handed batters. These offenses may not have been as egregious as I made them to be. I still might be reeling from the Flyers poor showing last night. Hopefully both the Phils and Flyers do well tomorrow.

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