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Monday, April 13, 2009

Game 7: Bad end to a bad day (4-3)

Harry Kalas passed away today. It is a sad day in all of baseball, let alone Philadelphia. More commentary on the best baseball announcer of all-time will follow.

Unfortunately, the Phillies had a game to play this afternoon. Again, we had no real gripes with the manager today. Mr. Graham mentioned on Saturday that it was probably a bad idea to use Brad Lidge in a 4-run game; moreover, he struggled in his game today. Perhaps if he had the extra day of rest, the 9th inning would have gone a lot more smoothly (how many times has Lidge achieved a one-run save after entering the game up by 2 or 3?*).

Personally, I can't believe the Phillies have a winning record. They have scored 40 runs and allowed 46. Brad Lidge, obviously, is a huge reason for this statistical anomaly. Once Lidge's luck runs out, the Phils' starting pitching is going to have to pull their weight. I have no idea how they have a plus-.500 record^.

You will be missed, Harry.

*This is a serious question.
^This is not a serious statement.

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