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Monday, April 13, 2009

Game 6: Late offensive burst bails out another starter (3-3)

Yes, it's only one game for Chan Ho, but this only leads me to question his selection as a starter. Before the season I stated I wanted Happ to start, but I don't think I ever gave this reason. Think about it. The Phils acquired Park as a reliever, and Happ has been a starter in the minors (forget his brief stint as a reliever on the Phils last year). It makes sense right? Park gained velocity on his fastball as a reliever. Logically this makes sense, his pitching became a sprint from a marathon. I can't completely bash this decision by the Phillies after one start. I mean each starter has been subpar thus far. Anyhow, I do think Manuel may have left him in there a little long, and one could question his use of Condrey down by 2 with time to come back. I didn't question it, but some might.

If it wasn't for late blasts by Utley and Stairs the team would be 2-4. I fully expect Stairs to homer in every at-bat for the remainder of his career.

Hopefully the starters can pick it up. They're kind of important. I'm sure they'll come around, but fans should count the team lucky to be 3-3 at this point. The Phils have a -7 run differential.

P.S. Avery is a goon and now I have to listen to national broadcasts of Princess Crosby praise.


Craig Mactavish said...

Boo Princess Cindy
Cheer Phils luck

JVR or Bust said...

Yesterday, I sat a section over from the dancing guy. He's even more of a clown in person. I'm not sure who was worse in order:

1) Dancing Guy
2) Avery
3) Biron

And is it just me or does the Rangers fourth line constantly score against us and only us. How the fuck do we manage to constantly make Blair Betts look like Maurice Richard? It's absurd.

Cheer all Craig Mactavish references, btdubs.