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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Game 5: Bats come alive (2-3)

Same lineup as yesterday. Werth should be batting 3rd with Victorino 6th, but this probably won't ever happen. Howard had a huge bases clearing double with 2 outs to put the Phils up 3-2. Werth (my man) had a huge triple that plated 2 with 2 outs in the 5th to put the Phils ahead by 2. Ibanez had a homer. While every starter (besides Myers) had a hit, there were a few bad things I noticed in the game. None were from Manuel, as it seems that again this season handing the ball to Madson and Lidge are going to be very safe moves. The starting pitching continues to struggle as Myers had an almost identical outting as on Opening Night. However, leaving Myers in there to get through the 7th was also a good move in my opinion. He had gotten past the tough part of the lineup in the 6th, and why not let him try the weak part of the order in the 7th. The bullpen seems to be pretty solid again although it has only been 5 games.

I did see terrible 2-0 and 3-1 swings a few times tonight from Pedro Feliz (habitual problem), Raul Ibanez, and Chris Coste. This should not be tolerated. There is no reason to have a hack at a bad pitch (not your ideal pitch) when you're ahead in the count like that. Patience at the plate is necessary for success. Seeing more pitches also wears down the pitcher. Don't get yourself out.

While this wasn't really an issue tonight, I can promise you that later in the season Musser and I will take issue to Manuel's using Lidge in the 9th up by more than 3 runs. Who cares if he warmed up? He doesn't need to come into the game. It's still early, and he's not being overworked yet.


Anonymous said...

maybe myers should have tried swinging with his eyes closed and one handed
- one of your four loyal readers

Scott Graham said...

I just thought of another reason to have Werth bat 3rd and not 5th. It's more important to ensure that Utley or Howard (your two best lefties) see a righty. Unless the manager wants to make a couple moves, or he is content with letting Werth see a lefty (recipe for probable disaster), this will happen. Currently the opposing manager can have a lefty pitch to the two biggest threats in the Phils lineup (Utley and Howard) and then switch to a righty for Werth and take his chances with Ibanez if he chooses. I'll expand later if necessary, and probably even if it's not necessary.