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Friday, April 10, 2009

Game 4: Phillies lose game they SHOULD have won (1-3)

Well, I have no complaints with Charlie Manuel's decision-making today.

In fact, Mr. Graham even found a positive from his managing today. The fact that Jayson Werth batted 5th, while Raul Ibanez batted 6th vs. a righty, shows that Charlie Manuel realizes that it is bad to have three lefties stacked in a row (something Mr. Graham pointed out months ago). The only time Manuel would use that poor strategy (three consecutive lefties) is when the opposing pitcher is a righty, which was the case today. Manuel placed Werth 5th to break up the three lefties, despite that a righty was on the mound for the Rockies. Well done.

Too bad they lost by 7 runs. I'm glad I used the word should in the last post. Either Hamels isn't healthy, or he just got a little beat up in a hitter's park.

Phillies are 1-3. Again.

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