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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Game 3: In the exact same fashion as 2008, Phils win (1-2)

I have no idea how the Phillies won, but they did.

I do not have any gripes with Charlie Manuel, except for that he may have left Joe Blanton in a little too long. The Phillies won this game because of their patience at the plate, and just like last year, they avoided an 0-3 start with a Businessman's-Special-, 5+ run-comeback-, 1-run victory. The off-day tomorrow will be a LOT less glum after today's win. Mr. Graham was in attendance (pictured above, blue undershirt), and I'm sure he'll have some commentary.


Anonymous said...

Did I burn down the place?

I don't think so.

-Steve Mix

The South Bend Shovel Slayer said...

I can't use the old ones, with dried worm guts all over them.

Scott Graham said...

That's funny. I don't remember the cameras being on me.

Sidd Finch said...

BREAKING NEWS: 7 children die under the watch of Atlanta Braves reliever, part-time crossing guard