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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Game 20: Stick to the gameplan (11-9)

The Phils struggled at the plate tonight. Apparently coming into the game today, the bullpen needed a rest? I don't get it. I absolutely understand Durbin not being available tonight after having thrown 42 pitches last night. Even Condrey I could understand as being unavailable. However, Madson, Taschner, Lidge (?), Eyre, and Happ probably could have thrown. None of them pitched yesterday, and none threw too many pitches on Monday. Additionally, the team has the day off tomorrow.

Before I get into my "stick to the gameplan" analysis, I just want to clear something up. Madson, Lidge, and J.C. (when available) are considered the late inning go-to-guys. They are relied on heavily in games when the Phillies are up by 1,2, or 3 runs. Since these guys are pretty good, and are needed in 2 and 3 run games, that means that our manager believes the other team could readily make a comeback within 1-2 innings. If being up by 2 or 3 runs calls for a "safe" pitcher, then why doesn't being down by 2 or 3 runs call for these same pitchers? The Phillies have one of the best offensive units in MLB, so they should be more likely to make comebacks than other teams.

With this in mind, Taschner was brought in by means of a double switch tonight in the hopes of getting through 2 innings to give the other bullpen guys a break. He got through the 7th without allowing a run, but got into trouble in the 8th. In the middle of the top half of the 8th, Wheeler and McCarthy, assumedly informed, state "this is one of those times where you have double switched in a pitcher with the hopes of getting through 2 innings, and you're going to stick with him since it was the plan." I'm sorry if this analogy offends anyone, but it came to mind immediately and I think it illustrates the point quite well.

A mother is giving birth to a child. The doctors realize that something has gone awry, and must take corrective measures in order to save the child's life. A little while later, they realize that no matter what is done, the child will die and if this procedure is continued, the mother's life could be lost as well. The only solution under this mindset is to stick to the original plan and risk the mother's life despite the fact that the child's death is inevitable.

Taschner is the worst reliever in the Phillies bullpen. Once he gets into trouble, it's probably important to bring in someone like Madson or Lidge (one of the best pitchers on the team) to get out of the trouble. It's only a two run game with Chase Utley set to lead off the bottom of the 8th. However, Manuel stuck with Taschner who luckily only gave up one run.

The day off tomorrow would almost definitely ensure that Madson or Lidge or whoever came in would be ready for the Mets series. I don't understand the mindset. If +2 differential games are important to use good pitchers then so too are -2 differential games especially for the Phillies, especially when the team has off the following day.


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thats a big assumption to state that wheels and tmac are informed

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