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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Game 2: Moyer loses first start (0-2)

The Braves have a good rotation this year, and for the second consecutive night, the Phils' offense was shut down.

I don't have any complaints from the managers' standpoint (although it would have been nice to have Werth break up the 3 lefties last night). The Phils had a 46-year-old pitcher face a very good young righty, Jair Jurrjens. Given their relatively even stats and their relatively uneven decades-in-which-they-were-born, it is not a surprise that Jurrjens was the better pitcher tonight. The Braves will be a team to fear if the back end of their rotation (which includes a talented Japanese rookie, Kenshin Kawakami) is better than most teams', which I suspect is true.

Nevertheless, because the Phillies pushed Cole Hamels back from day 1 to day 5, the Phillies have had to match up their 2-starter against the Braves ace and Moyer had to face Jurrjens. The positive angle of this chain-reaction is that Cole Hamels will face the back-end of the Rockies rotation when he starts on April 10, and the fact that Hamels didn't pitch either of the last two games avoids the frustration of a possible 1-0 loss (which actually happened to Hamels in Game 2 of last year).

Be patient with the offense, Phils fans, but don't expect too much from Moyer this year. Joe Blanton, however, is a different story. He debuts tomorrow at 3:05 vs. Javier Vazquez. If you're a special businessman, I guess you'll go to the game.


Scott Graham said...

I must be a special businessman.

I also would like to see Werth breakup the 3 batters by batting 3rd. Manuel batted Utley 2nd for a significant amount of time last year with Burrell batting third (to break up just two lefties). Victorino doesn't have much power (Sabathia ABs aside), and I would rather see him bat 6th than Ibanez. Utley, Werth, Howard, Ibanez. I doubt that this will be the last time I mention this.

Anonymous said...

The only missing ingredient from last year is Pat the Bat.
They already miss him and will continue to wish they had not only his production, but his presence from the right side.
It is a HUGE void

Sidd Finch said...


Are you speaking on behalf of the Phillie's lineup, or the vagina's of Philadelphia?

-Sidd Finch