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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Game 19: Chase Utley goes yards (11-8)

Nothing really to say. Feliz started vs. a lefty. I hope Hamels is OK. Durbin saved the day. Good pitcher selection. Utley and Ibanez have 7 HRs on the year.

Things that really gets me going is how the Phillies fans:

1) Throw back opposing home run balls. Why bother? Why not keep the ball?

2) Cheer when someone throws a ball back. Hey guys, your team just gave up a home run. The other team just scored. However, let's all cheer because the ball hits the grass and the ball girl eventually gives it to another person in the stands who doesn't throw it back. Maybe if the ball kept being thrown back onto the field I would cheer. That would be hilarious. Instead, the run(s) still count, and you don't have a souvenir.

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