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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Game 16: Phils win despite recurring problem (8-8)

Tonight was a prime example as to why it's a terrible idea to have Werth break up Howard and Ibanez rather than Utley and Howard. In the 8th inning, Utley worked a walk bringing up Howard with 2 outs. In this situation, Werth could have been used to either get the lefty out of the game or mash the lefty (probable situation). However, Howard grounded out to end the inning.

Also, Feliz was again lifted in the 9th inning to be replaced by Dobbs. I think Musser is right. If he's not OK to face a righty in the 9th, why should he be allowed to face one 3-4 times per game? Amazingly, Dobbs was permitted to face RHP Nunez rather than LHP Pinto because he wasn't warmed up yet. Dobbs struck out, and Manuel used Stairs to hit for Marson. Gonzalez then countered by bringing in Pinto who was ready. I don't know how I feel about wasting batters, but Manuel then used Bruntlett to face the lefty. This I know is bad. Coste has a career .857 OPS vs lefties while Bruntlett boasts a pedestrian .762. Bruntlett "Ruized" a ball and got the run in. Then Manuel used Coste to inevitably face the righty warming up in the pen. Coste got out. Crazy, crazy managers.

Wheeler Time
Cheer Utley hitting "a B.B." to knock in Victorino in the 10th. He then "belly womped" into third on the Howard single. He also hates Philadelphia fans. He and McCarthy were discussing the presence of a water bottle on the field. McCarthy suggests it could have been thrown, and Wheeler responds "that was a good throw then" (it was at shortstop). Had this game been at home, he probably would have mentioned something like "oo that's great. Classy fans." Another reason I dislike that man.

Manuel got ejected in the 10th arguing a strike call. I read Ed Montague's (the home plate umpire) lips after he got ejected. I don't care for the man telling Charlie to "get the 'Chase Utley'* out of here." He seemed smug the whole brief argument.

If anyone out there has Charlie's number, get him to check out this site for my sanity. I'm not asking for much (for now), just to change the order up a bit.

*For the kids.

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Craig Mactavish said...

Only classy fans would have Joe Peterson's number. cah cah