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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Game 14: It's official: Manuel can't read stat sheets (6-8)

Charlie Manuel cannot avoid using Cole Hamels as a starter today after making the wrong decision in not skipping Moyer for the first game of the series (see Musser's post prior to game 12), nor should he. However, once Hamels gets hit with the line drive and needs to be replaced, Manuel chose to feed his young left handed pitcher to the sharks (lineup of Chase Utleys, again, Musser's post). The Brewers absolutely kill lefties. There is no reason that Manuel can willingly choose to pitch Happ. Condrey could have pitched. Durbin could have pitched. Even Madson could have pitched. Not only did Manuel choose Happ, he later used Taschner. How can this man be considered a great manager?

I'm aware and VERY happy the Phils won the World Series last year, but blatantly disregarding statistics to the detriment of your team is inexcusable. Now, I'm assuming that he's aware of the stats. I don't know what's worse: a major league manager that knows the stats, but manages opposite their suggestions, or a manager who doesn't even care to know the stats. A lot of people will argue that baseball players aren't robots/computers, they're humans, and stats can't tell you everything. Yet, Mr. Musser and I both knew that Ryan Braun and the right handed Brewers had the edge in this series facing two lefties (and all the other lefties they faced from the bullpen). Braun had 3 home runs, and the Brewers took 2 of 3 from the Phillies.

The lineup also needs to be fixed. I say fixed because, again, there are definite problems with the ordering (see my post below and look up the "lineup" label to see all suggestions). I'm starting to lean more and more towards Mr. Musser's argument to use Greg Dobbs more frequently against right handed pitchers because Feliz does not perform well against them.

It's kind of tough to put up a strong enough argument to sway people away from the side of a reigning World Series Championship manager, and we do love him as a person and a clubhouse manager. However, I don't see how anyone can argue for his strategic strengths(??) as a manager. The Marlins kill Brett Myers (again, Musser's post about Moyer). How can two dim-witted blog writers have the common sense to come up with these obvious moves that would benefit the team, and the people getting paid to do so cannot? The rainout this week gave the Phillies a chance to skip Moyer (a lefty against the Brewers) and move Myers off of the Marlins (a team against whom he might lack confidence). Yet here we sit two games below .500, and Myers is on the hill tomorrow.

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