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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Game 13: Phillies lose because Manuel can't read a stat sheet (6-7)

The Phillies lost to the Brewers tonight, largely because of the 6-inning, 0-run effort by Milwaukee starter Braden Looper. I wrote before the game that Looper is very good against righties and very poor against lefties. As a result, I suggested that Matt Stairs and Greg Dobbs should have started instead of Jayson Werth and Pedro Feliz. The numbers are HUGELY in favor of this strategy, but I guess Uncle Charlie would rather "go with his guys" instead of, you know, putting his team in a position to win.

Feliz went 0 for 4 on the night, all vs. righties. It's frustrating to see that when Greg Dobbs (.340 OBP vs. RHP; as opposed to Feliz' AWFUL .284 OBP) is sitting on the bench watching.

Other than starting Feliz, Manuel's major mistake was allowing Feliz to face righty closer Todd Coffey in the bottom of the 9th. The Phillies were down, 3-1, with a runner on first and one out. Matt Stairs and Chris Coste were available, and Lou Marson was on deck. Marson is a MUCH better hitter against RHP than Feliz; yet, Manuel decided to allow Feliz to hit before pulling Marson in favor of Stairs.

What did Feliz do? He only grounded into a game-ending double play; but, thankfully, the first-base umpire missed the call. Feliz' fielder's choice was the second out of the inning. Stairs then singled (not surprising), but then Coste struck out to end the game. Perhaps if Manuel correctly allowed Marson to bat instead of Feliz, Marson would have produced more than the weak grounder to third that Feliz managed.

The mindless mass media will tell you the Phillies lost because of a lack of "timely hitting." The media will not tell you that the timely hitting was sitting on the bench for the entire game. It's time for Phillies fans to acknowledge Pedro Feliz' gross incompetence against right-handed pitching, because Charlie Manuel certainly isn't going to do that.

And if the Orlando Magic get one more undeserved whistle, I may just lose my mind entirely.

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Anonymous said...

First article about the game up on and, sure enough, no mention of the lineup. Just a complaint about "sluggish" hitting.

At least the Mets lost. Lol at Daniel Murphy.