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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Game 12: Phillies run over young lefty (6-6)

Before tonight's game I commented that the Brewers' lineup is very dangerous against lefties, so I suggested that it would be in the Phils' best interest to skip Moyer for this series. Thankfully, the Phils put up 11 runs in the game (5 in the first inning) which made Moyer's job considerably easier than usual. Moyer allowed 4 runs in 6+ innings, not a bad effort considering the powerful lineup he faced. Ryan Braun launched two homers off him, which is not surprising: he owns a career .702 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) SLG vs. lefties.

Other than failing to juggle the rotation in response to the Brewers' lineup (see explanation in the post below), I have no problems with Manuel's decisions tonight. I thought it was strange to bring in Chad Durbin with an 8-run lead in the 7th, but the rain fell and he only ended up pitching 1/3 of an inning. Mop-up men Clay Condrey and Jack Taschner were the appropriate choices to, well, mop up.

Phils are back to .500.

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