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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Game 1: Offensive futility (0-1)

I already mentioned a few hours ago the problem with the Phillies batting lineup. Werth must be used to break up the 3 big lefties on this team, preferably batting 3rd (Utley, Werth, Howard, Ibanez). Werth will absolutely mash lefties this year as I mentioned the other day. Today was pretty much just a slow start for the hitters (and Myers). Manuel was not really to blame at all (again, nobody was really hitting). Derek Lowe was on his game, and a lot of the Phillies batters were playing into his hand.

We've mentioned before on this site how good a pitcher Derek Lowe is, and it would have greatly helped the team out had they signed him in the offseason.

Since there's not a whole lot to talk about regarding the play of the Phillies, I'll pick out one of the many things that Joe Morgan said tonight that was certifiably insane. In the bottom of the 6th inning, Greg Dobbs pinch hit for Myers. Morgan, obviously looking for something to fill the void, states "you know, we always talk about Utley, Rollins... Howard, but Greg Dobbs is just as important to this team." That's pretty funny. I mean Dobbs had 240 PAs last year. He was a bench player, and was really nothing more than a consistent pinch hitter last season. To say that he is as important to the team as everyday players (regardless of who they are) is kind of silly. To put him in the same class as two previous MVPs (not saying Rollins deserved it because I don't think he should have been given the title) and Chase Utley is nuts. So he's essentially telling people that if Utley's hip acts up, Rollins' ankle becomes re-injured, or Ryan Howard gets off to another slow start that the Phils won't miss a beat because Greg Dobbs is here. I am not a huge Greg Dobbs fan to begin with, but I don't think anyone can say that and wish to be taken seriously.


Anonymous said...

You think Pat swings at that 3-1 pitch.

Anonymous said...


And if it got to 3-2, he would have belted that fastball halfway to Tampa.

Scott Graham said...

Probably, but he would have smoked it. He also would have beaten out those 2 grounders to short.

A perennial baseball joke I get to tell. Did you hear the Phillies can't sell beer at their home games for the rest of the year? They lost the opener.

Anonymous said...

We need to find Henry Rowengartner so we can hit Ibanez with hot dogs from the 301-310 sections.