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Monday, April 20, 2009

Flyers win game 3, Sixers win game 1 to complete Sunday Sweep

Despite horrendous officiating and an 18-point second-half deficit, the Philadelphia 76ers upset the third-seeded Orlando Magic in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs yesterday. Game 2 is Wednesday night. With an early series lead, an injury to Kevin Garnett, and the Celtics' 1-0 deficit to the Chicago Bulls, it is time to start printing NBA Finals tickets.

In other news, the Flyers demolished Pittsburgh yesterday, 6-3. Game 4 is tomorrow night, and if the Flyers have any Cup aspirations, it is a must-win game*. The NHL playoffs are more exciting than any other post-season (even though I probably follow the NHL slightly less than the NBA and NFL), and when you combine them with the NBA playoffs and the first month of the MLB season, April may certainly be the most exciting month of sports^.

It will be a busy few weeks for CharliesManuel.

*Except for the fact that it isn't.
^The NFL draft has nothing to do with this statement. In April, 610-WIP embarrassingly covers the NFL draft more than the other 3 active teams, 2 of which are in the playoffs. I hate the NFL draft.


Anonymous said...

it always seems to amaze me how mel kiper's top players in the draft, without any of the athletes actually playing football in that time.

Anonymous said...

that sentence is missing the verb "change"

Scott Graham said...

While I'm not sure exactly what you're talking about, I think I may have an answer. The overall picture of the draft can change for each team as the draft approaches. Teams can fill certain needs before the draft, change picks, and meet with the players. They might get a feel that one player is better for their team than another.

The Eagles just got a left tackle. They no longer have that first round pick, so not only will they probably not take a LT, but the Bills may have an entirely different need than the Eagles were expected to fill in the position. This could throw off all the projected following picks. I think that's what you questioning?

Scott Graham said...

you were questioning*

Anonymous said...

i understand how a particular teams draft board may change due to offseason moves thus affecting the overall predicted draft. the "top players in the draft" the ambiguous ranking they use to assess the most talented players seems to change quite often without a game being played. its good to know who is goin to be in the draft and what teams might be looking for but it is entirely too over analyzed

Andy Musser said...

WAY too over-analyzed.

Plus, Chris Berman is on the air all day during the draft.

I'd rather watch the NBA Lottery than the NFL Draft, dead serious.

Anonymous said...

NFL draft: ESPN :: WWII: History Channel.

April > May > March > Jan > Feb

-Steve Mix

Anonymous said...
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Andy Musser said...

^ For the kids.