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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Villanova reaches Final Four despite clock operator's best effort

Villanova is in, much to the delight of Mr. Graham. However, at the end of the game, Pittsburgh had 0.5 seconds left to in-bound the ball and heave up a desperation three pointer. The Pitt player caught the ball, dribbled once, and actually almost made a 75-footer. Replays showed he released the ball on time, but replays also showed that the clock did not start until after his dribble. It would have been very interesting to see how that would have played out, but thankfully we'll never know.

I grew up not far from Jay Wright, and in addition to his beauty, he is one of the best coaches in this city's history. Plus, his favorite word is enthusiastic (he actually uses the word 'enthusiastically' to sign his name at the end of letters). While some of the city roots against Villanova, and although I am a Temple fan, I'll be pulling for Jay Wright to win two more. Given his vocabulary, I suggest you root for him as well.


Andy Musser


Anonymous said...

...despite horrendous officiating

Scott Graham said...

I think Andy is the official provider of this site. He's always stealing my posts. Oh well. Nova is in the final 4 despite truly one sided officiating and commentating. It seems like through each round, the television personalities have been on the side of Nova's opponents. Did anyone see Howard's bomb today. Remarkable. This came in the same at-bat where he crippled Jenkins with a foul ball. A sign of things to come.

Andy Musser said...

Fool, you can make a Nova commentary after their opponent is decided, this was just a short note saying I'm rooting for them even though earlier you hinted I'd root against Nova.