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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Team USA: Let's DH the best shortstop in the world

Team USA in the World Baseball Classic is currently playing Japan. Jimmy Rollins is batting third, while Derek Jeter is batting second. Jeter is the shortstop, while Rollins is the designated hitter.

Jeter is a notoriously poor fielder with very limited range. According to Bill James' Fielding Bible, Jimmy Rollins ranked as the top defensive shortstop in all of baseball in 2008. Jeter? Bottom 5 in all of MLB.

It is a shame when the manager representing all of America chooses his defensive lineup based on reputation alone. Although, Jeter does pump his fist from the top step of the dugout in front of the TV camera rather frequently, so maybe Davey Johnson made the right choice.


Anonymous said...

jeter leads the league in running into left field and jumping to throw to first, and in gillete fusion commercials stressing comfort. j roll just wins gold gloves and takes baseballs to the chest for to prove the value of preformance over comfort

Anonymous said...

fittingy, Rollins stresses that it's not all about comfort -- true story

Anonymous said...

Rollins only commits errors in Hurricane Selig.

-Steve Mix

Scott Graham said...


You seem to comment a lot. You know you can just make a Google ID thing and it adds your signature for you? Just trying to lend a hand.

Your colleague,


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Andy Musser said...

Only one of you will be my colleague, but all of you are now my friends.

Anonymous said...

waterbury open

George Feeny