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Monday, March 2, 2009

Preparing for Season 1.5

For our loyal group of 13 readers, here is an overview of some potential changes to Charlie's Manuel. We started this site exactly halfway through the 2008 season, and while we will continue to break down every Phillies game from a managerial standpoint, there will be a few changes.

1) Before each Phillies series, Mr. Graham or I will post a series preview, much like in the 2008 playoffs.*
2) After each series, Mr. Graham or I will post a series review.*
3) We MAY pick one MLB game each day that we feel is the "best bet" - for entertainment purposes only, of course. If we do this, we will compile a record over the course of the season, and, of course, our picks will be free to the vast readership of Charlie's Manuel.*

Scott is currently on vacation with the Graham family, so I will be holding down the fort this week. I'm sure there will be plenty of nonsense from to keep me busy. However, our staff is still halved, so do not blame me this week if CM's posts appear as slowly as Jalen Rose speaks.

*Unless we forget


Anonymous said...

You keep Jalen Rose out of this

Anonymous said...

i was watching this video:

and jalen rose came on to speak with what seemed to be very little time left in the clip. i was completely confounded as to how the situation would play out.. turns out he had nothing to add to the conversation.