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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Please watch the Sixers, they're better than you think

The Philadelphia 76ers won tonight. They are 37-33, only a half-game out of the 5-seed in the East (which is very important, because a 6-seed guarantees Boston or Orlando, while a 5-seed guarantees Atlanta).

If you don't like basketball, ignore this post. But, if you enjoy college basketball but you don't enjoy the NBA, that means you haven't given the NBA a fair chance.

You're probably from the Philadelphia area if you are reading this, so my message to you is to get on the Sixers bandwagon before they win their first-round playoff series*. They're young, fast, exciting, and one of the worst 3-point shooting teams you'll ever see. Oh, and they have the best TV play-by-play announcer in the NBA (yes, I have compared and contrasted each one).

Stay tuned for my 2009 Phillies roster suggestions.

*And, even if they lose, it builds character

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Anonymous said...

All cotton for Andy Musser.