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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Phillies attempt to kill Patriotism falls short, Kendrick gets shelled

For reasons beyond my knowledge, today's Phillies opponent was Team USA. Despite falling behind 9-1, the Phils made a brave attack against American Patriotism by scoring 5 straight runs on Team USA. However, the Phils' comeback fell short. Led by manager Gordon Bombay, Team USA beat the Phillies, 9-6.

I took a look at the box score of the Phils game, and saw Kyle Kendrick was the losing pitcher. I know that he was facing a lineup where Ryan Braun batted seventh, but he still got knocked around pretty good: without getting through 3 innings, he allowed 4 runs. He has been labeled as the favorite for the 5th starters' spot, but the staff of Charlie's Manuel has unanimously predicted J.A. Happ to surpass Kendrick for that spot.

Hopefully, if Kendrick continues to struggle (which he seems to do rather frequently), our prediction will become reality.

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