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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No one in Philadelphia likes (or should like anyway) Martin Brodeur

Thanks to Brodeur, I missed the first 3.5 minutes of the third period in which the Red Wings came back to score 2 goals to beat the Flyers in a heartbreaking loss. The team looked very winded in the third period, possibly a carryover from playing shorthanded (bogus penalties) Saturday, Sunday, and again in the 1st period of tonight's game. Marty Biron looked outstanding in goal for the first 2 periods, and then let up what appeared to be a weak third goal tonight. However, he did face a tremendous amount of shots tonight.

I think I've decided that I get very emotionally involved in Flyers games. Definitely equal to and possibly more than Phillies games. Maybe it's the insanely high speed of play or the physical nature of the play. I've also come to think (maybe it's because I don't know hockey as well as baseball) that in baseball a lot more can be blamed on the coach. Mismanaging the lineup, poor choice of pitching substitutions, or plain old poor strategy are all things I frequently get crazy about with baseball. However, in hockey, I get much more emotionally tied to the players who seem to give their body up completely for the team. Timonen often double shifts. Richards as well. Players throw their bodies in front of pucks and are forced to stay out for extended shifts. I dont know, I just get very into hockey games.

I particularly dislike how the NHL hates the Flyers. If anyone from outside the city reads this, they'll probably think that I'm just whining. The Flyers changed the way hockey was played a long time ago with respect to the physical nature of the game. Aside from the Flyers playing the Russians, the NHL has never liked the orange and black. It's evident from the commentary on the National Broadcast as well as the officiating in some of the games when the Flyers play some of the NHLs bigger market teams like the Rangers this past weekend. Richards got called for penalties on two consecutive clean checks on Saturday. Coburn got a 5 minute major and a misconduct for barely pushing Antropov. Granted it was behind the play, and he did make contact with his head, Coburn didn't hit him harder than is usual, and he does not have the reputation of being a dirty player. At the very most, it should have been a 2 minute penalty.

I may have an engagement this Sunday that prevents me from being able to listen to the NBC broadcast of the Flyers/Pens game. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Call me crazy or even pessimistic, but I can easily see the Flyers missing the playoffs this year.

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