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Thursday, March 19, 2009

NBA rules are insane

Andre Iguodala nailed a shot against the LA Lakers on Tuesday night at the buzzer to beat the Lakers by 1. By rule, the officials must review ALL made shots at the buzzer. Iguodala's shot was out of his hand with about a second remaining, and went through the hoop just as time expired. Nobody who watched it could question whether it was a good shot. However, the officials had to go to the video monitor to watch the play again.

On the other hand, in Wednesday's Sixers game, they were down 11 points with about 1:30 on the clock against the Suns. The Suns player shot the ball well after the shot clock had expired at 1:05 on the clock. Replays were conclusive that the ball was still in his hand when the clock hit zero. However, the refs allowed play to continue, and the Suns hit a 3-ball. Instead of having a chance to cut the lead to 8 or 9 with over a minute to play, they were forced to use a late timeout down 14 points. This rule essentially ended the game for the Sixers. Their odds of winning dropped from about 1% to virtually zero.

Did the referees review this obviously incorrect play like Igudoala's obviously correct call? No. In fact, the rules state that this is not even ALLOWED to be reviewed. I understand they don't want to slow the game down too much, but the huddle the referees formed to discuss this play took much longer than one 10-second replay on a small video screen at half-court.

If you run a league where a clear, obvious call has to be reviewed at the game buzzer, then shouldn't you allow all shots at all buzzers to be reviewed? I'd say Commissioner Stern has some work to do.

Oh, you say Mr. Stern was awarded the USSA Eagle Award? Nevermind, then.

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