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Monday, March 16, 2009

Memphis feels 'disrespected' as 2-seed

Mike Lupica, who writes for the NY Daily News (a beacon of journalism), authored an article yesterday titled "It's Memphis blues as Tigers deserved number 1 seed in NCAA tournament."

The article essentially praises Coach John Calipari and his 69 wins over the past two years, and the writer seems aghast at the fact that the #2 team in the coaches poll was not rewarded by the NCAA Tournament committee with a 1-seed.

Memphis is the top 2-seed. This means the committee ranked them 5th. The 1-seed in their region is UConn, which means the committee ranked them 4th overall. Yep, that means Lupica wrote an entire article based on one rank out of a field of 65 teams. Lupica writes, "everybody has now decided [Conference-USA] is worse than dirt."

Forget about the conference, which, for the record, actually is slightly worse than dirt. The reason Memphis was ranked behind UConn is because UConn played in the best conference of all-time, losing four times (one of which was a 6 OT game). Memphis lost 3 times this season.

UConn's record against tournament-teams: 8-3 (two losses to 1-seeded Pitt, one loss to 3-seeded Syracuse)
Memphis' record against tournament-teams: 3-2 (one loss to 4-seeded Xavier, one to 3-seeded Syracuse)

Also, one of those three Memphis victories came against 16-seeded Chattanooga, and they only won by 12 points. Comparing Memphis' schedule to UConn is like, well, comparing dirt to the Big East. If Calipari wants to earn some respect, maybe he should play a ranked team after December every once in a while.

If anything, Mr. Lupica, Memphis is lucky to be ranked only one slot behind UConn.

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Anonymous said...

Don't let Ms. Erin Calipari see this entry.

-Steve Mix

PS Conference USA is as bad as Bob Huggins' driving record.