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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Len Elmore went to Marquette?

For any of you Philly fans out there that follow Villanova, this may have popped into your head while watching/listening to the ESPN broadcast of their Big East Tournament game today. I was very surprised to find that Elmore did not attend Marquette, rather Maryland. I had to look this up online to make sure. I know that Musser and I thought he was very biased. I called it within the first few minutes of the game, but it was VERY evident within the last 8 or so minutes. The following are pretty accurate paraphrasings of Len Elmore

Incident 1: Scottie Reynolds comes down on a rebound attempt with one arm wrapped around the ball while a Marquette player is draped over his head (it was borderline, but I thought it was over the back). Foul called, Elmore in disbelief. "that's just because Reynolds is shorter and went under him. Don't know about that one, but Reynolds drew that call alright."

Incident 2: Not more than 2 minutes later on a long rebound attempt, Reynolds runs after the missed shot only to be demolished by the elbow/ upper arm of an out of control Marquette player. Reynolds goes crashing to the ground. Foul called, "the defensive player has as much a right to the ball as does the offensive player. Just because Reynolds isn't as big as the player doesn't mean that's a foul." He's saying this over and over as the replay shows the Marquette player's upper arm demolishes Reynolds and sends him crashing violently to the ground.

Incident 3: On the ensuing in-bound play, Reynolds makes an errant pass to Cunningham who seemingly corralled the ball legally. Elmore almost screaming, "TRAVEL, WHERE'S THAT CALL?" That one made me particularly furious.

Incident 4: After Villanova pulls off an unlikely buzzer beater that was questionably reviewed (still don't understand why it needed to be reviewed, it left his hand with 0.8 on the clock), ESPN showed replays from a few different angles. Elmore, sounding deflated after his team's loss, "Redding pushes off there, I guess the refs ruled it incidental contact". Redding barely made contact with the Marquette player. That was almost as good acting as Buffalo's Kaleta diving after Carcillo nudged him the other night.

I also noticed on quite a few occasions throughout the game that ESPN failed to show replays of controversial calls going against Nova. One example I remember is the travel called on Stokes from which the Nova bench erupted. Additionally, Elmore called quite a few of the Villanova's games throughout the course of the season, so I'm confused as to why he adamantly wanted Marquette to win.

Flyers are on now, and I LOVE how their keys to the game make sense. To those new readers, Musser and I think the Phillies' Chrysler Jeep Keys to the game are absolutely absurd. More than often the Phils' keys are to "win the game".


Anonymous said...

The Flyers Keys to the Game really aren't very good either. Quick summation of the 82 different sets of Keys to the Game throughout the regular season:

1) Shut down [insert teams top player]
2 & 3) Basic fundamental hockey principles that in way specifically apply to one game more than any other. These commonly include not turning the puck over and capitalizing on special teams advantages and/or staying out of the box.

Originality -- 10-10.5

Scott Graham said...

I'm not saying it takes rocket science to come up with them, but just looking back at some of my labels.. Phillies keys have been, "How can these two teams top last night?" and "Add to season-high winning streak". These two things are saying the keys to winning the game are winning the game. Yes the flyers ones are sometimes VERY obvious, but at least they are things a team can do to win the game.

Scott Graham said...

Yes people can find these on their own, but another funny one was, "It's hot". As Harry the K and Andy like to say, "Alright thank you, Wheels."

Villanova Joe said...


I couldn't agree more and it's not becauase I am a Villanova Grad (of course I'm biased).

'Nova did plenty to give the game away in the second half but still won in the end. Announcers should be like referees: if their good, you don't notice them.

PS - sorry ND was lame in their lose Wednesday night.