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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Graham Slam's 2009 roster suggestions

Andy and I have decided to make some sort of roster posts with respect to the 2009 Phillies. While we originally intended to post our suspected 25-man roster, we have since decided to make our preferred Phillies team. The following is my best case scenario for the Phils' roster with explanations coming later to account for injuries and JC Romeros.

Starting players:


Starting pitchers:


The starting lineup is obvious, and needs no explanation. Some people have been speaking very highly of outfielder John Mayberry and infielder Jason Donald. Mayberry should probably not make the team barring injury to a Phillies outfielder. He's not as good as everyone suggests. While his small sample-size numbers have been pretty much average this spring (AVG-.281 and OBP-.328), his career numbers in the minor leagues are pitiful. I am not as fixedly against strikeouts as most other human beings are, but when your K/BB ratio is 6/1, I'm going to say something. This spring, Mayberry has 18 Ks and 3 BBs. That's kind of awful. At least Howard has usually managed to work pitchers and get walks. While he may have power, I think Mayberry should need to prove himself in the minors before making an appearance at the major league level.

Jason Donald on the other hand has done extremely well this spring and in the minors. However, barring injury to a Phillies infielder (this would be BAD, except maybe Feliz) Donald would be sitting on the bench when he should be seeing pitches everyday. Aside from injury, while I am very excited to see this guy reach the majors, it would probably not be in his best interest.

I have selected Paulino over Coste for a couple of reasons. While Coste is a decent fastball hitter he isn't that good of a batter. He has a career OPS+ of 99. Coste is 36, and while his story is somewhat moving, it is a story for a reason. He was stuck in the minors for 97 years because he is a below average defensive catcher when defense is the primary job of a major league catcher. I'll go with Paulino due to the fact that he is younger, and more likely to progress. However, if Coste remains the backup, he may just be here just until the end of his career when Lou Marson can move up.

Recent rumors have the Phillies giving Geoff Jenkins away. I tremendously respect their offer to eat his salary, and I really think the Phillies should try to get what they can for him. While I'm not sure this will happen, Cairo will/should make the team should Jenkins leave. Matt Stairs stays. The options for the majors if Jenkins does leave are Cairo, Ozuna, and Marcus Giles. They're all below average offensively, but Cairo has proven to be the most versatile.

As I've stated before, Kendrick should not be even considered for the 5th starter spot and thus should return to the minors. As Mr. Musser announced earlier, the Phillies have sent him back to the minors. We seem to know what we're talking about. Happ should be the 5th starter with Park in the bullpen. Some "intelligent people" think this is the most likely scenario (doesn't bode well for my prediction) due to the fact that the Phils signed Park to be in the bullpen.

Since J.C. has been terribly accused of a "crime", He will be absent from the bullpen for a while. In lue of this, I think Mike Koplove should take his spot. While many people think Majewski will make the roster, his lifetime WHIP is 1.581 in 240.3 IP compared to Koplove's 1.312 WHIP in 254.7 IP. If Majewski makes the roster over Koplove, you will definitely hear from me again. He did spend 2008 in the minors for LA, but he is from Philly, which gives him even more incentive to pitch well.

I suggest the Phillies carry 7 relievers to start the season. Last year there were virtually no injuries to the Phils' staff. That does not bode well for the team this year, and there's no reason to start the season by possibly overworking the pitching staff. It has been announced now that Hamels will most likely not be the starter on Opening Day. In an article on the team site published today, Hamels could make his start on April 10th. With this as the plan, there is no need to start him on the DL to make room for another pitcher.

This roster has been selected according to the players currently signed and eligible on the Phillies. Should the Phils move Jenkins/and or Coste (my wishful thinking) there could be other players to fill the roster. For now, this should do.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA JC gets His pronouns capitalized. Brilliant.

Scott Graham said...

To be honest, I posted that unintentionally. However, I will intentionally leave it there.