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Saturday, March 14, 2009

The end of the Spectrum

Last night was the final game at the historic Spectrum. Despite losing a double-digit, fourth-quarter lead, the Sixers held off the Bulls, 104-101.

I was lucky enough to attend the game, and it was certainly a different experience from Sixers games at the Wachovia Center. There was a lot less loud music played during the game, there were fewer advertisements between whistles, and the seats seemed much closer to the court than they are in the Center.

It was the first Sixers/Flyers game I had attended at the Spectrum in a long time, and I'm sad to say it will be my last. Certainly, Citizens Bank Park and the Wachovia Center have plenty of positives that Veterans Stadium and the Spectrum can't offer, but it was relieving to attend a game for the sake of watching the game itself. The crowd was very alive, and if you have watched Sixers games over the past few years, you know the crowd is usually subdued. I can only hope as time passes that the Wachovia Center gains a similar allure to the Spectrum*.

Going to the Sports Complex after the Vet was imploded was certainly an eerie feeling, but that feeling has subsided in recent years (it's been almost 5 years since the Vet's implosion). However, the sadness of the Spectrum's implosion will be intensified in a way that the Vet's absence was not: the history and intensity of the Spectrum is going to be replaced by a shopping mall.

Spectrum, you will be missed.

*This will not happen until the rabbit-on-steroids mascot vanishes.


Scott Graham said...

damn you, you give him all the easy words!

Anonymous said...

After Favre's retirement, the Hare Raisers are left as the worst thing in professional sports.

I would rather have the guy on the oatmeal box as our mascott.

-Steve Mix