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Friday, March 6, 2009

Dubee criticizes Kendrick, print-media overreacts

If you go to, you will see not one, but two headlines devoted to a story about Rich Dubee's displeasure with Kyle Kendrick.

I commented yesterday on Kendrick's pitching struggles, but Dubee was more concerned with Kendrick's body language on the mound. Apparently, Kendrick threw his arms over his head in frustration after a seeing-eye single. What a jerk! Actually, good for Dubee. He's doing his job: we don't need disciples of Brett Myers on this team*. However, since Spring Training is essentially a month of nothing, and since there are sportswriters down there scrounging for stories, this will be a bigger deal than it really is.

Dubee's displeasure with Kendrick is not bad news, because the Phillies are now one step closer to naming J.A. Happ as their 5th starter.

*Disciples of Tyler Houston, however, are highly recommended


Anonymous said...

I thought I told you to leave Jalen Rose out of this

Anonymous said...

Tyler Houston has more disciples than Jesus Christ: Pat Burrell counts 12 times, and then Jason Michaels counts once.

After all the Batrick never denied us 3 times or sold us out for TWO GOLD DEBLUMS!

-Steve Mix