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Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Cactus League is a poor man's excuse for Spring Training...

...and they think they are better than Grapefruit! I know you readers out there may not be as fruity as I am, but I prefer the grapefruit over the cactus. In layman's terms, I am heading to Clearwater, FL, for a couple days.

That's right, readers. I am spending my vacation time, which I have earned through hard work on The Manuel, on the Philadelphia Phillies. In fact, I am spending all of my hard-earned vacation time on meaningless Phillies games. Why? Nobody knows. Maybe it is because it's trendy to watch successful baseball teams 'train.'

Or, maybe it's just trendy to test a couple obscene jokes on opposing players while they take infield practice. That sounds about right.

Either way, I'll be the only obnoxious clown in Clearwater yelling at opposing players while wearing a home-made Matt Stairs jersey. As a reader of Charlie's Manuel, you can count on that.


Scott Graham said...

Have you been taking your funny pills since I left? Boo Ibanez for me... and make a Re-sign Pat sign.. I will be toting one to the first on deck series game against the Rays.

Craig Mactavish said...

Cheer home-made Matt Stairs jerseys and funny pills.

Anonymous said...

Utley time table?

Boo Ibanez for me too.