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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Baseball Tonight? More like, Oblivious Today!

I just watched Baseball Tonight. I believe it started at 3:30pm. Baseball Tonight is strange enough to air on ESPN for a 30-minute show in early March (let's talk about Manny for 11 minutes, and Arod for 11 minutes), but Tonight today? That's just goofy!

Anyway, some clown was on the show, I forget his name (my memory, it's not the best these days). The clown was commenting on Manny Ramirez and his agreeing to a 2-year, 45-million dollar contract with the Dodgers. He states (I remember the quote, because when I heard him say this, it made me scratch my head):

-paraphrased slightly-
"And, the craziest thing about this entire ordeal is that it was exactly 4 months ago that Manny turned down a 2-year, 45-million dollar contract, and now he signs for that same deal."

He was making this comment at a point in the conversation where they were remarking about how long the offseason was, lasting into March with the Manny signing. Then came the above quote. The quote was implying that Manny and his agent, Scott Boras, may have been wasting their time with L.A. and may have been too "stingy," which seems to be the reputation of Mr. Boras. However, I thought for about 6 seconds and remembered the economic climate of the country in which the MLB operates, and I thought, "Wow, this guy really is a clown."

So, since I pulled the good ole C-minus in Dr. Herb Nugendall's Finance 101 class at Boomshakalaka Community College, I know the clown on ESPN failed to incorporate the change in interest rates over the last 4 months. In case any of you use Charlie's Manuel as your only contact to the outside world (we all do!), then you probably know the U.S. economy is not too hot right now (something about Ponzi's Cream). The only thing you need to know is that interest rates have been dropping steadily over the past 4 months. In fact, it's one of the worst declines of all-time. If interest rates fall, the value of money rises. In short, 45 million dollars in March 2009 is more valuable than 45 million dollars in November 2008.

This clown (I will edit this article when I discover the name of the clown*) was aghast at the fact that a 4-month negotiation seemed to go nowhere. However, it seems that it was a sound financial negotiation by Mr. Boras if he could increase the value of the original proposed contract over those long four months.

I say, Mr. Boras may be a bit of a barnacle-head, but I don't think it's fair to attack the length of the negotiation without mentioning the current economic hurricane.

The contract talks did not go nowhere, Mr. Clown; the two values are not equal.

*Don't count on it.

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bring back harold renolds!