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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who else is psyched about this win-win goalie situation?

I read this on a little while ago, but was willing to let it go until the abomination of a loss the Flyers experienced yesterday. My anger was exponentially increased due to the fact that Princess Crosby was the one who scored the joke of a winning goal. Sam Carchidi wrote:

The unsettled goalie situation is actually a win-win for the Flyers.

It will provide both goalies _ Antero Niittymaki and Marty Biron _ with extra focus as they try to be the go-to guy in the Flyers last 30 regular-season games.

Both are not only trying to steer the Flyers to the Atlantic Division title and a high Eastern Conference seeding, but they are playing for a contract.

Talk about incentive.

1. The only way an unsettled goalie situation is actually a win-win for any team is if both goalies are playing so well, the coach doesn't know who to start. If the goalies are playing equally inconsistent, this is not a good situation. I will argue that Niittymaki should be playing the majority of the time, but even he has been weak as of late.

2. This sudden controversy is supposedly going to super fix the goalies eyes on the black, rubber disk? I mean, how can a professional goaltender play this very high-paced game without focus, when his job is to stand in front of pucks traveling around 100 mph?

3. If the fact that there are two not-so-hot goalies on the roster is not enough to make these guys want to play, they (recently?) discovered that their performance could aid their pursuit of a contract in the near future. These are reasons that a goaltender might want to block a few more pucks.

Does any professional athlete ever compete with the mindset that, "gee, today I'm not going to try my best, but in a couple months I'm really going to need to step it up a little bit." I don't see any human being being satisfied with sucking. I mean, you perform poorly, people boo you, people say you stink, and you're okay because you know you're making millions of dollars? I don't know, I just don't see it. I think all of this incentive talk is a load of crap, possibly just something to give a writer material. If you play any professional sport giving it less than your all, there is a good chance you will get hurt.

Considering that this article was written on February 11th, there have been 5 games played since Carchidi wrote this. The Flyers goaltenders have given up 16 goals in those 5 games. This works out to 3.2 goals/game (a lot of these goals were weak). Somebody better show Niittymaki and Biron this article to remind them that there are reasons to perform well.

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Scott Graham said...

Somebody must have showed Niitty and Biron that article.