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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This picture proves that the Philadelphia 76ers were ripped off in their game today against the Boston Celtics. The Celts hit a 3 point jumper with less than 1 second to play to take a one-point lead. The picture to the left shows the ball at the bottom of the net, 99 percent of the way through the entirety of the net. The rule states that the entire ball must make its way through the very bottom of the net before the clock stops. Since about 85 percent of the ball is sticking out, by looking at this picture, we can safely say that the Sixers deserved at least 0.7 seconds on the clock for their final play (which was ultimately a failed attempt at a tip-in).
----However, the Sixers only received 0.5 (!!!!!) seconds for their final play. It is absolutely indefensible to say the Sixers should have had 0.5 seconds left. Either the Sixers should have had 0.8 seconds (which the picture to the left indicates), or, in the very rare chance that the ball goes only 14 percent of the way through the net before the 0.8 turns to 0.7, they should have had 0.7 seconds for their final play. However, because the refs did not use the tape to review the clock (there were TWO timeouts for them to do this), the Sixers were robbed of a better chance at victory by incompetent officiating.

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